Multi-Asset funds and diversification

Our range of four actively managed Multi‑Asset funds can invest across the world’s investment universe and may include asset classes such as shares, bonds and cash. This gives a greater degree of diversification, which means reducing the risk of investing in a single asset class or, “not putting all your eggs in one basket”.

Our four Multi-Asset funds are detailed below with links to relevant factsheets showing their performance:

The benefits of diversification are:

Investment spread

Your investments will be spread across many countries, types of companies, properties and different bonds. This helps cushion any fall in the total value of your pension if any one of these experience a significant fall in its value for any reason. 

Economic stability

If any countries run into econmic difficulties, there will be others that may not be affected and the investment in these may counterbalance any impact. 

Matching your appetite for risk and return

The four funds also aim to manage downside risk (the potential for investments to lose value). This is achieved by offering four separate Multi-Asset funds which each target a different level of risk while aiming to optimise the return for that level of risk. Each fund will have a different mix of growth or “risky” assets (e.g. shares and commodities) together with “less risky” defensive assets (e.g. government and company bonds).

Our four funds offer you a selection to choose from to match your appetite for risk and return.

Multi-Asset funds core asset allocations