Multi-Asset Investing

Our approach to Multi-Asset investing

Discover an asset mix that helps deliver resilience.

Multi-Asset investing is one of the most popular of the many investment strategies available. 

These funds generally aim to provide a lower-risk investment than a pure equity fund (a fund investing in shares), but with greater prospects for growth than a pure cash or bond fund (a fund investing in cash, government bonds or corporate bonds).

Our Multi-Asset fund range offers you:

Active Management

Add value with tactical updates to the asset mix and underlying active strategies. 

A responsible investing approach

We aim to generate good returns and at the same time also make a positive contribution to our society and environment.

Broad diversification

Strengthen resilience and target opportunities across a wide range of asset classes.

Fund material

To help make more informed decisions about investing in Royal London Ireland pension products, you can read more about our funds in our Fund Guide and fund related material. Or visit our Fund Centre with factsheets and reports showing the performance of our fund range. 

Our innovative range of investment options has been designed specifically with pensions in mind. Read more about our fund range.

You can see our full range of funds available to invest in on our Fund Centre which also gives details of fund prices and performance.

For more information about the Multi-Asset fund range from Royal London Ireland talk to your Financial Broker.


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