Our Purpose

Royal London Ireland is a purpose-driven company with a mutual mindset.

Our Purpose ‘Protecting today, investing in tomorrow. Together we are mutually responsible’ is who we are and why we exist as an organisation. It defines the impact we want to have on the world, for our customers and for society.

Helping you build your financial resilience.

Our range of protection products can help you financially prepare for the unexpected. And our pension products help you invest in a responsible way that delivers a world worth retiring into.

We believe in the benefits of impartial financial advice from a Financial Broker.

Financial advice, tailored to your needs, helps you prepare for life events. It can also leave you better off both financially and emotionally.

We support Financial Brokers in the provision of impartial financial advice and our products are only available from them.




Climate change

As a Group, Royal London is responsible for managing over €187 billion of your money (as of December 2023). This money can play a significant part in helping society transition to a sustainable world.

Climate change is the challenge that will define our generation. In a rapidly changing world we are on track to see temperatures rise by more than 3 degrees by 2100 if immediate action is not taken to curb global carbon emissions.

Your money is powerful - there is more than £2 trillion invested in UK pensions* and €128.7 billion in Ireland^.

Make My Money Matter, 2021
^ Central Bank of Ireland, Q2-2021

Our operational climate pledges: What we’re doing within our business

We think the next decade will shape future generations so we are taking immediate action in our operations to help tackle climate change.

We have climate pledges to reduce our carbon emissions* in our Irish business:

  • We’re aiming to achieve net zero in our direct operational emissions by 2030.

  • In 2020 we achieved carbon neutrality in our operational energy use through carbon offsetting. We have an action plan to reduce our need to offset year on year.

  • We’ll reduce our internal paper use by 90% and external paper use by 50% by 2025.

  • We continue to send zero waste to landfill and will reduce our total waste by 50% by 2025.

  • We’ll source 100% renewable electricity to use across our business by 2025.

    We achieved this in 2020 for our St Stephen's Green office in Dublin.

  • We’ll halve our company car emissions by 2025, through travelling less and switching to all-electric vehicles.

  • We’ll halve our air business travel carbon emissions from 2021 onwards.

* Using 2019 as our baseline year.