Book: How to Die Well

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Spearheaded by Royal London, How to Die Well is a book of insightful essays, inclusive cultural conversations and all-important resources for anyone dealing with death.

About the book

How to Die Well is a comprehensive guide to death, dying and loss, which aims to help us all become better prepared – emotionally, practically and financially. The book features a wealth of useful content, including:

  • Personal essays by leading journalists and authors, including Rhik Samadder, Kevin Toolis, Dr Kathryn Mannix and Amita Joshi
  • Interviews with experts in the field of death and notable figures in wider culture
  • Informative chapters containing practical support and guidance across four key sections (‘Before you go’, ‘Your funeral’, ‘Saying goodbye’ and ‘Good grief’)
  • Fact sheets, activity pages, checklists and further resources
  • Original illustrations by renowned illustrator Andrea Ucini

By approaching topics such as end-of-life planning, arranging a funeral, saying goodbye to loved ones and coping with grief from a wealth of different perspectives, we hope to break the silence around death and provide the practical support and information needed to make dying well a fundamental part of living well.

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