Specified Serious Illness Cover

Get cover when you need it most

Should you be diagnosed with one of the serious illnesses we cover, you can receive a lump sum that can cover essential bills and help lift the burden of finances during a difficult time. 

Specified Serious Illness Cover pays out a lump sum if you are diagnosed as suffering from one of the 60 illnesses we cover during the term of your policy. You will also be covered under our partial payment Specified Serious Illness Cover for an additional 40 specified illnesses - that’s 100 illnesses covered in total. No other provider’s policy covers you for an illness that Royal London Ireland doesn’t*! Plus, we offer the best cancer and cardiac coverage in the market**, as well as some unique benefits.

At a glance

When, following your Financial Broker’s recommendation, you take out a Specified Serious Illness policy with Royal London Ireland, you have:

  • More illnesses covered compared to any other provider in the market:
    60 specified serious illnesses and
    40 partial payment specified serious illnesses
  • Quality definitions for those illnesses.¹
  • Unique benefits compared to other providers in Ireland.²

Why choose our Specified Serious Illness Cover?

  • The best cancer cover in the market - no other provider in the market has cancer cover we don’t provide!** Plus, we are the only provider to include partial payment cover for Advanced (Non‑Melanoma) Skin Cancer.
  • The best cardiac cover in the market - no no other provider in the market has cardiac cover we don’t provide!** Our product includes the most comprehensive cardiac coverage in the market, covering Heart Attack, Heart Failure and Heart Surgery
  • Specified Mental Illness Benefit for adults - From an insurance perspective, it’s more challenging to provide cover for mental illnesses than it is for physical illnesses. However, Royal London Ireland recognise that being treated for a severe mental illness can have a serious impact on someone’s life. That’s why we’re proud to be the first provider to introduce a Specified Serious Illness Cover partial payment for adults being treated for a specified severe mental illness. We will pay out following the definitive diagnosis from a Consultant Psychiatrist of any mental illness that has resulted in all of the following:
    • An admission to a psychiatric ward where treatment was provided for at least 14 consecutive nights; and
    • You are experiencing chronic unremitting symptoms; and
    • You have not responded to comprehensive management and treatment based on best clinical practice for more than 1 year.
  • Full and partial payment for illnesses which are unique to Royal London Ireland - including Chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis (of specified severity), Drug Resistant Epilepsy (with specified surgery) and Severe Sepsis (resulting in admission to a critical care
    unit for 3 days or more.
  • Children’s Specified Serious Illness Cover - This is included for all of your children from birth (with certain conditions attached) until their 18th birthday (21st birthday if in full-time education). 
  • Donor Recipient Cover - We will pay €2,500 to a family member who has received a living organ as a one off cash lump sum if you, the life assured, donates a kidney, bone marrow or a portion of lung or liver to a family member.†
  • Advance payment of benefit for heart surgery - This provides an upfront payment of up to €20,000 if you need specific heart-related surgery in the future.

Of course, we offer lots of other helpful extras too, such as our Helping Hand service, Indexation and a Conversion Option. Speak to your Financial Broker to find out more.

More about Specified Serious Illness Cover

Product Brochure

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Helping Hand

Added support when you need it most 

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The product features described and links to brochures and other documents refer to the current version of the product available through your Financial Broker. Policies taken out before now, may have different features and policy conditions. If you have a question about your current policy, please get in touch with our team in Dublin using the contact details below, or contact your Financial Broker.

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They can make sure your policy choices best suit your needs and personal circumstances.

* Our policy includes the highest number of illnesses covered by an Irish provider. Clearchoice.ie comparison website, July 2022.

** Our policy includes every cancer and cardiac illness covered by Irish providers, plus additional cover for these illnesses. We are the only provider to include partial payment cover for Advanced (Non-Melanoma) Skin Cancer and our policy includes the most comprehensive cardiac coverage in the market, covering Heart Attack, Heart Failure and Heart Surgery. Clearchoice.ie comparison website, July 2022.

¹ Clearchoice.ie comparison website, July 2022.

² Unique benefits including Donor Recipient Cover.

† Terms and Conditions apply