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Press release: Should I opt out of a company pension if no longer working full-time?

Press release: How to stop late milestones eating into a pension

Press release: 67pc of Irish Public Say Buying a First Home is More Challenging Than Ever Before

Press release: The 10 golden rules of investing by Brian O Nuallain, Investment Sales Lead

Press release: Women live longer than men, so they need bigger pension pots too by Karen O'Flaherty, Senior Proposition Executive

Press release: 60 something spenders: 1 in 2 people say their sixties will be the costliest decade in retirement

Press Release: Do I need Life insurance if I have Death In Service Beneifit


Press release: 1 in 4 would take €60 less in State Pension – to get it at age 60

Press release: How to stop a mortgage eating into retirement income


Press release: Royal London Ireland announces new charity partnership with Breakthrough Cancer Research tackling cancer inequalities

Press release: Royal London and Lions announce £3million grant for unions ahead of 2027 Women's Tour

Press release: Royal London announce Ireland rugby player Aoibheann Reilly as Brand Ambassador ahead of inaugural Women’s Lions Tour


Press release: The girls in green legacy

Press release: Choosing between a PRSA and a Personal Pension Plan


Press release: Women in Finance Charter


Press release: New Year’s resolution that could mean thousands in savings

Press release: The gender sports gap is closing in Irish schools but rugby still lagging behind


Press release: How do I make sure my ARF is inherited tax-free?

Press release: Do I need to make a pension contribution before the tax filing deadline of November 15 to be able to claim tax relief on it?


Press release: I'm 40 years old and have never had a pension. How can I choose the right pension for me?


Press release: How do I know if I’m putting my money into genuine green investments or into investments that help companies pursue good social agendas?


Press release: What is income sustainability and why is it important to consider when planning for retirement?


Press release: Can you transfer a Personal Retirement Bond to a Personal Retirement Savings Account (PRSA)?

Press release: How do I make sure to get myself into a financial position to retire at 55?


Press release: Do I have to buy an annuity with my PRB, or can I invest in an Approved Retirement Fund?

Press release: If I invest in an ARF, would I have to pay tax on annual withdrawls?

Press release: My employers Defined Benefit scheme is winding up, what should I do?

Press release: What retirement income should I be targeting, and how can I hit that target?

Press release: Should I hold off starting a pension until auto-enrolment comes in?


Press release: Who is tasked with keeping an eye on investment funds?

Press release: Six in ten workers would like to retire at 60 or before according to Royal London Ireland survey

Press release: Royal London Ireland delivers record new business sales


Press release: What exactly is a PRB

Press release: How do I generate income in retirement


Press release: Royal London Ireland’s inaugural ESG Sentiment Index

Press release: Family Carers Ireland and Royal Lonodn Ireland partner to provide support for family carers


Press release: Feasibility Study into Future British & Irish Lions Women's Tour Returns Positive Findings

Press release: How do I make sure get the most from my ARF after I pass away?


Press release: One in every two workers expect to work beyond the national retirement age of 66



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