Multi-Claim Protection Cover

Offering you more choice

Multi‑Claim Protection Cover is a unique policy offered by Royal London.

It provides financial support, based on the potential impact caused by a medical condition or treatment and the severity of that impact.

Life is difficult to predict. Royal London has designed a new type of protection cover to help customers better plan for the unknown.

Multi‑Claim Protection Cover is a unique, severity‑based policy aligned to the progression of modern medicine and health.
It protects you from a broad range of possible health setbacks that may impact you and your lifestyle.

Why choose our Multi-Claim Protection Cover?

Getting protection that suits your needs is important, and so is the price you pay for it - but that's not all. In addition to being competitively priced, our cover provides you with some valuable features:

  • It has the potential to pay out multiple times over the lifetime of your policy.
  • It gives you cover for the impact of a serious illness such as having a heart attack or receiving cancer treatment.  
  • It also covers other life impacts,for instance, a long hospital stay such as after a serious road traffic accident or serious surgeries like a hip replacement.
  • Life cover is inbuilt into the policy.
  • You can also choose to add extra life cover if needed.
  • This policy can pay out 5% to 100% of your cover (your original sum assured when you take out your
    policy) depending on the illness or condition. This means for less serious illnesses or treatments, it will pay out potentially less than 100% of your cover, keeping the rest of your cover in place for any future,
    more severe illnesses. For illnesses or treatments that have a more serious impact, it pays out a higher amount.
  • After a claim, your monthly payments (premium) will not change.
  • Children's cover and premature birth cover included.
  • Helping Hand service - Available at no extra cost, this support service can help your family (your spouse/parner and children) through a difficult time if you're diagnosed with a serious illness or pass away.

Speak to your Financial Broker to find out more.


Terms and conditions apply. Full details on the relevant claim events are available in the product brochure and policy conditions document.


More about Multi-Claim Protection Cover

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Product Brochure

Find out more about our Multi-Claim Protection Cover

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Overview Booklet

Read a high-level overview of our Multi-Claim Protection Cover.

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Helping Hand

Added support when you need it most

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