Lost for Words

Online exhibition

We partnered with renowned portrait and fashion photographer Rankin to encourage the conversation around death, both in Ireland and the UK, with a free digital exhibition, Lost for Words.

Royal London presents Lost for Words

Royal London believes everyone deserves to be informed, prepared and financially able to die well. To help people and their loved ones prepare for death, we need to get comfortable discussing mortality and grief.

Lost for Words aims to encourage a vital dialogue on bereavement, to help us enjoy the time we have with those we love and to honour those we have lost.

Lost for Words is a moving digital exhibition, shot by Rankin, made up of a series of photographs of people superimposed next to images of loved ones they have lost, bringing together the departed and those left behind.

It also includes an interview series and short film discussing the importance of talking about death and planning for the inevitable. Rankin will also be in conversation with people who are willing to discuss their experiences of grief and bereavement, some having faced loss through the global pandemic.

The exhibition puts people who have experienced the loss of a loved one at its heart and it is sharing the stories of a few familiar faces who have joined the campaign to speak about their experiences dealing with grief, including:

  • Irish comedian Jarlath Regan
  • Gloria Hunniford
  • Ashley Walters
  • Konnie Huq
  • Malin Andersson
  • Divina De Campo
  • John Stapleton
  • Jeff Brazier 

Those who took part discussed their feelings on loss, what they learnt and how to deal with the practical and financial side of bereavement.  They share what they might do differently in the future as well as what they wouldn’t change for the world.

Noel Freeley, Chief Executive Officer of Royal London in Ireland, said:

“Every day we hear stories from our customers who have lost loved ones. The emotional challenges they face are significant, but it’s heartening to see the tremendous value that the support the people around them can bring. At Royal London, we also see the enormously helpful impact making financial plans can have to support families for many years after losing a loved one.   

"This exhibition beautifully encourages discussion about dying, celebrates life and provides vital information to help people be better prepared.”

Jarlath Regan was featured in the Irish Independent on Monday (30/11/20) about why he took part in our online 'Lost For Words' exhibition and his own personal experience.

Read here

Jarlath Regan spoke to Brendan O'Connor on RTÉ1 on Saturday (21/11/20) about taking part in our online 'Lost For Words' exhibition.

Listen here


How to access the exhibition

The exhibition can be viewed online on our Lost for Words website.

You’ll need to register to access all elements of the exhibition. Registration is free, and you’ll only be contacted if you request for more information to be sent to you, which will feature some of the people included in the online exhibition.