Fund Charges

We know pension charges can be confusing. That's why we want ours to be transparent, easy to understand but also fair.


Annual Management Charge (AMC)

The AMC is a yearly fee that we charge to manage your policy and take on a monthly basis. This fee covers the costs of setting up and the ongoing servicing of your policy and the management of your investments.

Your AMC depends on how your contributions are invested and the value of your policy. This charge is calculated as a percentage of your policy value. On certain funds, the AMC may be higher or lower. A proportionate AMC will apply when you take any retirement benefits, transfer your policy or switch funds.

Your Financial Broker will be able to discuss and explain your individual AMC.

Additional investment expenses

There may be additional expenses charged to the funds. These expenses cover the costs incurred by the investment management company and are taken from the value of the fund. The level of these expenses may vary across funds and from year to year. Our fund factsheets, which are available from your Financial Broker, provide you with the most up to date amount of the additional investment expense for a specific fund as provided to us by the investment management companies. You can read more about additional investment expenses here.