Frequently asked questions about Personal Retirement Bonds (PRBs)



The policy is issued in your own name. There is flexibility regarding the investment of assets. Your Financial Broker can help you access the full range of funds of a particular investment manager. A PRB aims to provide a fund you can use to withdraw pension benefits from on retirement.

You have up to two years after you leave a pension scheme to transfer your pension fund to a PRB. Outside of the two-year period you can still transfer to a PRB, but you will need the Trustees of the pension scheme to agree to this. 

The PRB is set up by the Trustees of your pension scheme. They apply for the PRB in your name and once set up the Trustees have no further involvement in it. 

Once you’ve put money into a PRB you can’t withdraw it until you reach at least age 60. There are two exceptions - if you retire at any age due to ill health, or if you retire early you can get retirement benefits from your PRB from age 50.

If you qualify for ill health early retirement under Revenue rules, you can take retirement benefits from your PRB immediately. If you retire early because of ill health, you must give us medical evidence to support this.

If you die before you retire, the value of your PRB (on the date we are told of your death) is available to your estate.

You can only add to your PRB if the money comes from a pension scheme for the same employment and from the same trustees as the original investment amount.

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