Our reflexive underwriting system, within Quote & Apply, and our eSignature service mean that you can complete an application from start to finish electronically. This removes the need to be face-to-face with your clients. We have had really positive feedback from brokers who have used these facilities already and hope that they can be of help to more of you now, while conducting business remotely.

Use our reflexive underwriting system

First of all, what does reflexive mean?

Reflexive underwriting works great when you have access to your client on the phone while you are gathering application information. It means as you fill out the application with your client over the phone, our system will automatically respond with any follow-up underwriting questions that are required.

So, if a medical disclosure is made, the online system will respond by asking a series of required follow-up questions related to the condition. You’ll save time as you will only be prompted to answer the necessary follow up questions. It also means that you don’t need to have condition questionnaires to hand.

In a high proportion of cases, this can result in an immediate decision without referral to an underwriter, speeding up the process.

Reflexive underwriting works well for applications where further questionnaires would have been required. Here’s a list of some common conditions which receive immediate underwriting decisions using reflexive underwriting:

Anxiety / Depression Raised Blood Pressure
Arthritis Raised Cholesterol
Stomach Disorders Epilepsy
Gynaecological Disorders Benign Lumps
  Thyroid Conditions

Avoid answering 'Don't know'

When you're filling out an application form online with your client on the phone, using the reflexive underwriting system, and a question is answered with 'Don't know' it automatically means that the case is referred to an underwriter for review. To save time, avoid providing ‘Don’t know’ answers where possible.

Use our eSignature Service

As part of our online Quote & Apply you can easily add your own electronic signature and have the application transcript and Declaration Form securely sent to your clients for their review and signature, without the need to meet in person.

"Our online service is faster, secure and ensures that customers can review their transcript and easily sign their Declaration Form, all without having to meet in person, print or post anything."

If you'd like step-by-step guidance on our eSignature functionality, you can read our detailed esignature user guide